Post-event activity ideas in Thailand that enliven and rejuvenate

Discover new incentive travel experiences in the unique Thai way of life.
Business event travellers around the world continuously gain the genuine experience from the liveliness of Thailand, which is one of the top destinations in the world that fulfills their demand for business and leisure. Every city has its own identity, which can be extended to the creative ideas that forms many incentive travel and team building activities.
Here are three examples of the activities that can be conducted post-conference:
1. Art Therapy
Enliven the team spirit and improve communication and expression through art meditation and enable an increase in personal well-being at creative meeting space About Work, where participants can paint to their hearts’ desires.
2. Learn the local way of life
Approximately an hour’s drive from Bangkok, Suan Sampran is a family-run eco-cultural destination located on a 50 acre plot by the Ta Chine river, Nakhon Pathom province. The venue consists of lush gardens of mature trees, locals flowers and lawns with facilities such as Antique Thai houses, restaurant, café, organic workshops and function venues.
Since 1962, Suan Sampran has opened its doors to visitors who come to appreciate serene nature by the river and learn about the Thai way of life. Throughout the years and three generations of family management, Suan Sampran has been recognised as a learning space and continues to be a learning organisation.
In 2009, Suan Sampran initiated a movement for sustainable food system under the Sampran Model that highlights principles of inclusive business development and collaborated with a network of organic farmers as well as relevant stakeholders on the basis of fair trade. Visitors will be inspired to learn while fostering change for sustainable development.
The Patom Organic Village is where delegates can experience the traditional Thai way of life by learning about the journey of organic raw materials to Patom products. The open factory will show delegates the work that goes into the bakery, supplement, and body care factory before the products make their way to Patom Organic Living stores. Participants can immerse themselves in their concept of organic living and participate in many hands-on workshops.
3. Interact with animals at Sriayuthaya Lion Park
Sriayuthaya Lion Park is a new zoo in the style of a wildlife encounter park, and the very first in Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya province, which is located close to Bangkok.
MICE travellers can find new experiences participating in a number of activities with the animals, both big and small, in the park’s shady environs: visit the park’s crocodile farm with more than 300 reptiles, the smart elephant and orangutan show, get a photo feeding milk to a baby tiger, and get up close to a “liger” a hybrid lion and tiger. The park features a number of restaurants and cafes and great vantage spots for groups to get the best photo ops.
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