Revel in the Splendour of Songkran (Thai New Year): A MICE Traveller’s Guide to Thailand’s Water Festival

Recently declared by the UNESCO as the “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”—Songkran, known as the Thai New Year, stands as one of Southeast Asia’s most renowned festivals. Originating from ancient Indian civilisation, it symbolises the departure of Pisces and the arrival of Aries, coinciding with the hottest days of the year. 
Traditionally, Thais celebrate by cooling down with water—a tradition upheld across generations. As the celebration approaches, we would like to share with you various ways to incorporate the Songkran celebration into your MICE itinerary, offering a glimpse into Thailand’s vibrant culture during this festive period.

Immersive Traditions and Blessings

At the heart of Songkran lies traditional rituals, where families gather to pay homage to their elders and seek blessings for the new year. The act of “bathing” Buddha statues and rinsing the hands of the elderly with fragranced water and ask for the blessing for new year and the renewed spirit. You can also partake in the revered hand-rinsing ceremony with your MICE team, fostering bonds of respect and camaraderie. 
Across Thailand, temples overflow with offerings and communal feasts, showcasing the best of local cuisine. For MICE groups, experiencing a temple feast offers a unique culinary adventure, immersing participants in authentic flavours and cultural traditions. Cities rich in cultural heritage, such as Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya, provide ideal settings for this timeless experience.

Spirited Water Wars and Festivities

The highlight of Songkran is the exhilarating water festival, where locals and visitors alike engage in a spirited water war. From the bustling streets of Bangkok‘s Khao San Road to the vibrant scene of Khon Kaen‘s Kao Niao Road and Chiang Mai‘s historic old town, cities across Thailand vie to offer the most exhilarating celebrations. Planning ahead is essential to ensure a seamless experience, from acquiring equipment to navigating crowded locales. Embrace the joyous atmosphere and join in the festive revelry for an unforgettable Songkran celebration. 

Music, Lights, and Water:
Thailand's Premier Music Festivals

Experience the ultimate experience of music, lights, and water at Thailand’s renowned Songkran festivals. S2O stands as the crown jewel of the celebrations, offering an unrivalled spectacle of world-class performances against the backdrop of water-themed stages. Join music enthusiasts from around the globe in celebrating the spirit of Songkran amidst pulsating rhythms and vibrant energy. Additionally, immerse yourself in the eclectic sounds of SIAM Songkran Music Festival in the siam area—Bangkok’s city center, and the exhilarating Water War Chiang Mai, each offering its own unique charm and allure. 
With these festivals promise an unforgettable addition to your Songkran itinerary, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable experience for your MICE group. Songkran offers a myriad of experiences, from traditional rituals to exhilarating water battles and vibrant music festivals. As you plan your next MICE trip to Thailand, consider incorporating the rich cultural tapestry of Songkran into your itinerary. With meticulous planning and early bookings, you can ensure a memorable and immersive experience for your group.
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