Walk amongst giants: A blissful moment with rescued elephants in Chiang Mai

High in the lush mountains of Chiang Mai, embark on a new journey that turns your incentive trip into an adventure that leaves a legacy for the environment and local communities. Explore tales of the past of elephants, the magnificent creatures of Thailand, and have a first-hand experience of taking care of rescued elephants in a sanctuary for their well-being in the future.
Thanks to the awareness of animal treatment among global travellers, in Thailand, more animal sanctuaries, including elephant retreats, continue to grow and attract a large number of visitors year after year. Instead of hard and dangerous work such as logging or trekking, the giants of the jungle are now living in a lot better conditions with good meals and proper pampering provided by the generosity of travellers who seek an extraordinary experience with the majestic creatures.
However, Elephant Nature Park (ENP) — Chiang Mai’s leading conservation program for elephants and hundreds of other animals is taking kind-hearted practices to the next level. The people galvanizing ENP believe that a sanctuary is not an ‘attraction’ where animals are fed and pampered by visitors. However, they are still required to cater to human agenda. So, the ENP team must work hard to keep the programs running while letting the herds enjoy freedom and be what they are meant to be—creatures of the world.
As a result, the conservation team carefully curates experiences for good-will visitors to spend quality time with the animals by, instead of directly interfering the herds’ routine, you could choose to observe the families closely and safely from the elevated platforms or volunteer to assist ‘Mahood’—local elephant caretakers, with their day-to-day work such as preparing meals by gathering banana trunks from nearby farms, gathering firewood for ill elephants during cold nights, or cleaning up the elephant hospital and helping to pile up fertilizer freshly made by the giant herbivores.
Visitors will also be rewarded with a sumptuous vegetarian buffet prepared by the local community with vegetables from the farm on-site. All of these fantastic close-to-nature experiences are made amidst the stunning scenery of northern Thailand for an unforgettable day.
Established in the 1990s, Elephant Nature Park is a unique project set in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Their aim has always been to provide a sanctuary and rescue centre for elephants. The park is located some 60km from the city centre and cares for not only elephants but also other animals in need of help, such as dogs, cats, and buffaloes, in a natural environment.
Explore this less-known aspect of Chiang Mai and create a meaningful trip with a lasting impact here at Elephant Nature Park.
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Photo & VDO Credit: Elephant Nature Park