BANGKOK one-day trip “Hidden treasures along the Chao Phraya River”

Route 1 – Bangkok One-day trip


  •  Visit Talad Noi, the historic Chinese community with wiring alleys repleted with street arts.
  • Take a house tour and join a fun team-building activity at So Heng Tai Mansion the 19th-century Hokkien-style house which is now turned into a diving school.
  • Visit Hong Sieng Kong, a beautifully restored compound of 6 heritage buildings which is now exhibiting antiques and can simultaneously be a place for casual dining and an event venue.
  • Lunch at Farm to Table, Hideout, the contemporary-style café, an ideal place for cozy networking activities, that serves organic Thai food and desserts made from fresh ingredients that come straight from farms.


  • Learn from local people how to make “Bai Sri” for Thai blessing ceremony with banana leaves and marigolds at Pak Klong Flower Market, Bangkok’s largest wholesale flower market. Walk through this lovely market to see iconic and meaningful flowers in Thai culture and bustling businesses of preparing and delivering flowers across Bangkok.
  • Take some cool photos at Floral Café at Napasorn, the vintage-style café decorated with flowers and taste its beverages and homemade desserts that blend flowers and fruits in the recipes perfectly.
  • Visit the fascinating community, Kudi Chin, where Thais, Chinese, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists live together harmoniously. Take a walk through this community to be amazed by its distinctive architecture mostly influenced by Portuguese settlers. Visit Baan Kudichin Museum to see Siamese – Portuguese artifacts at this 3-story heritage house.
  • Explore Museum Siam, Thailand’s first “discovery museum” aiming to make learning enjoyable through technology and activities. Take a museum tour, enjoy interactive exhibitions, and join activities to deep dive into Thai history and culture.
  • Sunset dinner by the river at Sirimahannop, the 3-masted sailing ship, a replica of a Royal Thai navy ship, which is now serving as a restaurant docked permanently at Asiatique The Riverfront.